The Funereality

by Funeral Leech

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released May 3, 2017

Recorded and Produced by Travis Bacon at Chapel Black Studios.
Zack: Guitar
Kevin: Bass
Lucas: Drums and Vocals
Additional vocals on "Downpour" by Paul Delaney
Additional vocals on "Banished to Be" by Travis Bacon
Additional guitars on "Left to Rot" by Arthur Rizk
Artwork by Simon Erl



all rights reserved


Funeral Leech New York

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Track Name: Downpour
When I die
Bury me
So the earth
Swallows me whole
Let the roots
Wrap me up
Let the rain
Wash me away

I will no longer suffer
I will no longer mourn
I will no longer hate
I will no longer love

will wash me away
will end my pain
Track Name: Left To Rot
Judgement's come
It left you behind
It left you to suffer
It left you to rot

Memories slip away
Thoughts turn to dust
It left you to suffer
It left you to rot

No dreams here
Left to rot
No hope here
Left to rot

Left you to rot
In this hell
Track Name: Banished To Be
All alone
In isolation

Prisoner of my mind
Tear my flesh off
Prisoner of my mind
Rip my insides out

Fallen now
No solace
Trapped inside
My own thoughts

Captive of my guilt
Let the blood flow free
Burdened by sorrow
This is the end

Sentenced to live
Banished to be

Locked in this cell
of my own mind
No escape no way out
sentenced to live
in this hell
I'm banished to be

No return